Five jobs for people with good negotiation skills

Love to get the best deal? These jobs need someone like you…

If you’re able to use your communication skills to come to an agreement that suits both you and the other party, or if your persuasion skills will help seal the deal, then a job that involves negotiation could be the perfect career choice for you.

Here are some of our top tips on how to build your negotiation skills – and a few jobs that could help put your skills to the test.


What are negotiation skills?

Negotiation skills is a collective term for personal qualities (also known as soft skills) that allow a discussion to take place between two or several parties, with the outcome being an agreement that satisfies all those involved.

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Examples of good negotiation skills? 

Negotiation skills are often soft skills that enable two or more parties to reach a compromise. Examples of negotiation skills include:

  • Communication
  • Patience
  • Planning
  • Relationship building
  • Decision making

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Five jobs for people with good negotiation skills


Estate agent 

What an Estate Agent does: An estate agent markets, lets and sells properties. Specific responsibilities may include answering queries, valuing properties, writing up property descriptions, marketing properties, showing prospective buyers or tenant properties and negotiating sales.

What you need to do the job: Some of the most essential skills needed to become an estate agent are rapport building, excellent communication and persuasive negotiation skills. You’ll also need to be highly organised and have the ability to hit targets.

What you can earn: Around £46,000 per year

Perfect for: People who are wowed by property

Our advice: Being a confident communicator, a self-starter and having the ability to build relationships with people quickly will help you to stand out as a quality candidate to employers. On your CV, be sure to provide examples of times you’ve used these skills to achieve an outcome that pleased both parties.

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Project Manager

What a Project Manager does: A project manager takes control of a project, from kick-off to completion, working to a predefined set of goals. Specific responsibilities of a project manager will depend on the project they’re working on but may include creating a project timeline, building a team of skilled professionals and managing the budget for the project.

What you need to do the job: A good project manager can lead a team, motivate people and assign tasks to colleagues that best match their skillset. A forward planning approach to project management is also important to minimise any possible disruptions that may occur.

What you can earn: Around £54,000 per year

Perfect for: People who are natural leaders

Our advice: Every job includes some level of project management, whether it’s organising delivery of new stock or putting on the company’s Christmas social. On your CV, show employers that you have the relevant skills (e.g. delegation, time management and communication) to lead a project to a successful completion.

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Sales Executive 

What a Sales Executive does: A sales executive’s job is to promote and sell a company’s products or services to either end customers (B2C) or to companies (B2B). Working as a sales executive is a varied role and responsibilities can include providing information about the company’s products or services, generating leads, maintaining relationships with existing clients and tracking sales.

What you need to do the job: Negotiation skills are key as sales executives have sales targets to meet. As well as this, you’ll need to be a confident communicator, be ambitious and determined.

What you can earn: Around £32,000 per year

Perfect for: People who like to seal the deal

Our advice: In a sales interview you may be asked to demonstrate your sales technique by trying to sell an item to the interviewer. So before the interview, practice your selling technique and negotiation skills at home so you’re prepared to deal with different scenarios e.g., a customer asking for a discount.

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Media Buyer

What a Media Buyer does: A media buyer identifies what media (TV, radio, print, film, online) best matches the target audience for the campaign and negotiates the cost and purchase of the advertising space. A media buyer may work in-house for a company or with an advertising agency, where they’ll work with several clients.

What you need to do the job: A media buyer’s job is about deciding what media will get the most coverage for the campaign at the lowest cost. So, strong analytical skills are essential, as is persuasion, as you may have to sway a client to advertise using a media that they hadn’t originally considered.

Perfect for: People who like to create a buzz in the press

Our advice: An employer will want to be confident that you can get the best price for their business or clients. As part of your interview preparation, use the STAR method to explain how on a campaign, you’ve used your negotiation skills to achieve the best outcome.

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Event Planner

What an Event Planner does: An event planner is responsible for bringing experiences and events to life. They’ll be involved with the event from the start to the end; finalising the date, scouting a location, negotiating contracts, ordering equipment for the event, and organising refreshments are just some of the responsibilities of an event planner.

What you need to do the job: Excellent time management and organisation are skills needed to become an event planner. Strong communication and active listening are also desirable skills to have, so you can put on an event that lives up to the business’s expectations.

Perfect for: People who like a good party

Our advice: Events can be expensive to put on, so the organiser will want to work with a planner who’ll be able to secure the best prices for them, whether that’s for the catering or for the event promotion. When speaking with event organisers, mention how your relationship with suppliers allows you to negotiate the best deals.

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